My Philosophy Of The Medical Service Essay

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In the fall of 1862, a war raged between the union and confederate forces at the Battle of Antietam. More than 130,000 soldiers fought, more than 22,000 were wounded. On the battlefront was a woman, Ms. Clara Barton, nicknamed the “Angel of the Battlefield”. Ms. Barton observed the strain of frontline battle, namely hunger, sickness, and wounds and once said “I may be compelled to face danger, but never fear it, and while our soldiers can stand and fight, I can stand and feed and nurse them”. (CITATION) It is this same dedication to nursing and our armed forces that drives my philosophy of nursing.

Nearly ten years ago I entered the Army service. I have worked in the medical service as a medical laboratory technician, biomedical research, and most recently as a registered nurse. I have learned about compassion, respect, empathy, equity, understanding, benevolence, and the other many attributes that contribute to being a proficient nurse. Our service members, families, and military culture present unique challenges that demand diversification, flexibility, and adaptation to sometimes overwhelming circumstances. The military has done a tremendous job at advancing battle field trauma care, and statistics indicate that we have standard setting rates of battlefield lifesaving. However, just as important I think, is that we improve the primary care received at home. With post-deployment suicide rates astronomically high, undiagnosed PTSD, military induced familial stress, and
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