My Philosophy On Nature And School

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My plot is a pair of benches near the library, overlooking the courtyard that stretches from Parks to the Enrolment Service Building. When I was first asked to do this I had a hard time thinking of a good place, I had some ideas but nothing that really stood out to me. So I decided to take a walk around campus to my favorite spots and see what caught my eye at every spot, and from there whichever was the most exciting would be my plot. Finding a plot was pretty hard for me because, the way I view school is not a place of nature and outdoors but a place of strict learning. My philosophy on nature and school is that during school I wont focus on nature but in the summer I will spend most of my time outside enjoying it. So every summer I make sure to take a camping trip up to Northern Minnesota with my buddies. I started by heading to central campus where I like to set up a hammock in the warm months and relax in between classes. This spot was nice and relaxing but besides for the occasional student walking by, nothing exciting happened, so I headed on my way. This took me to one of my favorite building areas which is right by Troxel Hall and Horticulture Hall. I love walking by this area and figured it would be a great spot for my plot, but again nothing caught my eye. I tried out a few other spots including a bench by Lake Laverne, and a spot by Design. In the end when I was walking to the library to start studying for my upcoming test I saw a big group of people surrounding
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