My Philosophy On Philosophy Of Education

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My Philosophy of Education
My philosophy of education is founded on a belief that all students have a desire to learn and to feel accepted. Learning takes place when students are able to have their specific needs meet inside the classroom, to feel accepted in the environment, and find the learning to be meaningful. I believe that before learning can take place a proper educational environment must be present inside the classroom. In order to make any classroom work I believe you need meet three criteria, have a positive mindset, be open to collaboration, and provide multiple ways students can learn through exploration.
Having a positive mindset involves staying emphatic to student’s needs, using positive reinforcement, and teaching students how to move forward after difficult moments. In my classroom I work hard to create a positive rapport with my students by focusing on the positive moments and achievements in the classroom. By this action I have given my students a goal to work towards instead of a punishment to avoid. For example, instead of giving multiple reminders on behavior management, I focus on finding students who are on track and are motivated to complete the task at hand. By congratulating them for their choices I give other students a chance to refocus and start over without creating a negative space. This also allows me to take a quick moment to reflect on my explanations, and make adjustments if necessary. When I take those moments to think about my
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