My Philosophy Statement

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My Philosophy I believe that children have the right to a proper education when they are in the care of childcare providers. As a caregiver, it is my responsibility to provide the children in my care with a positive learning experience. According to Dr. Fed Jones, on whom I have based my philosophy, children who are fully engaged in learning and are taught self-discipline are better behaved and motivated. I believe that children should be informed of the class requirements and the class rules from the beginning of class. I believe that teachers must understand the importance of their job. Teaching is a lifestyle, not just a job. A teacher’s aim is more than to relay information to compliant students. My job is to facilitate growth and learning…show more content…
I will provide access to information and teach that the path to finding answers can be as informative, if not more, than finding answers. Students need to be allowed to find answers for themselves rather than handed the solutions to problems. This provides opportunity for self-discovery, independence and growth. My role as a teacher is to provide activities that are mentally stimulating and that encourage personal growth. It is my responsibility to support and encourage my students as they discover themselves and their burgeoning feelings. I believe that I should be prepared to inspire my students with an environment that is conducive to learning. My classroom will be bright and colorful with words and pictures throughout. My goal is to provide a safe environment for learning, exploring, and self-expression. Children learn better when they feel that they are safe and cared for. I strive to make my students feel comfortable in my class. I believe that children who feel that they have responsibilities in their classrooms have more of a connection with their learning environment. Children should be assigned chores and even be allowed to give input about the class rules. This gives them a sense of citizenship, responsibility and…show more content…
The hovering technique, although used by many teachers, is proven to be counterproductive. Instead, I will give clear, concise instructions so there will be no misunderstanding about what is to be done. Punishment is not a philosophy that I follow. Punishment can include physically hurting a child, displaying negative behavior to a child, humiliating a child, nagging about past misbehaviors, and withholding affection. Punishment is not conducive to guidance and can be damaging to the child’s self-esteem and cause them to become abusive and/or disrespectful to others. I believe that an atmosphere of mutual respect and honesty is essential for students to learn and grow. Communication should be the highest priority. It is the only way that I, as a teacher, can relate to my students. Establishing an environment of caring and trust is a major goal of this educator. This will emphasize equality and trust without having to lecture the students. It also demonstrates the correct behaviors so that students can model them; preparing them for the adult
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