My Philosophy Statement On Leadership

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Philosophy Statement on Leadership I believe that students are the center of our work and we, the staff, faculty, and administration, are here to facilitate, educate, and advise students to learn effectively and efficiently that will afford them the opportunity to grow professionally and personally so they can and will reach their full potential. Leadership is about influencing people by providing purpose, direction, opportunity, and motivation. It should focus on operating and improving to accomplish the mission and vision of the organization. I believe that a leader must be sincere in her intentions, transparent in her motives, deliberate in her actions, and collaborative in her decisions. She should exude an inspiring, participatory, and transformational leadership style that facilitates communication and encourages innovation and results. As a leader at a university, it is important to engage faculty, staff, and students by embracing them as stakeholders, promoting collegiality through an open door policy, and building consensus on issues facing the college, university, profession, and education.

I strive to maintain a high level of integrity in all aspects of my life and therefore expect it from others. I feel that integrity leads to transparency and transparency builds credibility. Transparency allows for more efficient and tactical decision making because it removes the perception of “hidden agendas” and “unfair practices” from the situation. Having integrity,
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