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My Philosophy Statement Coming from a family of educators, I have always been aware of the love and importance of learning. Growing up I thought I wanted to be a Marine Biologist and was even accepted at Coastal Carolina to study this field. After much deliberation, I realized that what I really wanted to do was teach. In high school, I had the opportunity to work with children through the Eagle’s Nest Club and my Spanish class and knew this is what I wanted to do. My opportunities through these two organizations gave me experience with elementary students. This is what I have chosen to do. I plan to pursue a degree in elementary education and add certification for pre-k and special education. Again,…show more content…
This encompasses the philosophies of Essentialism and Existentialism. Learning academics is important but so is being able to be a child and experiencing the play necessary to move through the life skills needed to be a healthy, happy and productive adult. Pre-k provides many children their first opportunity for learning and provides many others with enrichment activities that enhance the opportunities they have already been provided. This learning environment should be structured so that children who are impoverished can explore and those more advanced can excel. This includes academics, socialization, and motor and communication skills. Research indicates programs such as preschool and Head Start will accentuate these skills in all students if they are cognitively ready to progress. If students are not prepared both socially and academically at this level their school career will be hampered. Elementary grades are equally important. Academics are important with each progressing grade but so is the self-determination of each child. It is important each student develops strong peer bonds, appreciates their own uniqueness, and accepts responsibility for their own feelings and actions. It is important they claim ownership over their own behavior and choosing their own way. They must also be willing to engage in the classroom studies and activities necessary to master the skills necessary to be promoted from
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