My Philosophy : Teaching Philosophy

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After reading Professor Varis teaching philosophy it is quite evident he takes great consideration for his students and their learning opportunities. As I reflect on and review my understanding and my learning philosophy I am given the chance to reflect on past classes and possibly what could have been different on my behalf and the professor’s behalf. Also at this time I relish the opportunity to contimplate what my values, principles, achievement skills and also my expectations for this class are. Values and principles develop primarily from ones upbringing and their family morals. However with school and ones education I believe sometimes it may develop over time. For myself, I truly believe that if one works hard and strives for their best greatness can be ultimately achieved. For some cheating may be their way of making it through the years of formal education. Although it is not always easy, hard work and effort are far more valuable than cheating one’s way through. My value of honesty when completing assignments, tests and papers is first and for most on how I have strived to achieve my educational goals. This also means I am a firm believer in academic integrity because if one is dishonest they will not benefit from dis-integrity. I believe that hard work and effort reflects the marks that I receive. Knowledge is power and the value of my education is limitless. I believe that knowledge equals empowerment and that through education you receive
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