My Philosophy : The Nurse Of The Future Core Competencies

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Since junior year I have seen myself grow not only as a nurse, but as a person. My philosophy hasn’t changed much, but instead has grown deeper and expanded on other important aspects of nursing that should always be addressed in practice. Last year a majority of my philosophy addressed keeping my patients’ values and beliefs incorporated into their care. I still find that incorporation important, but I have also found importance in incorporating the Nurse of the Future Core Competencies that have been set by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. These include Patient Center Care, Professionalism, Leadership, Systems-Based Practice, Informatics and Technology, Communication, Teamwork and Collaboration, Safety, Quality…show more content…
The use of technology is a major part of the growing world. In many ways the advancing technology has become useful to me in my practice. It has allowed me access to a universal patient record, prevented me from medication errors that could have been harmful to the patient, and helped to improve communication among my team members. However, one of the biggest lessons I will take with me, is to never forget basic nursing skills. I have encountered many system and device failures and had to compensate on my own. The use of technology should not ever replace verbal communication, or basic nursing skills that have been taught in school. A culture of technology dependence in healthcare is frightful, and could have severe outcomes for the patients. The use of current evidence is not only safe practice, but provides the most optimum outcomes for the patient. There will always be new research that identifies new procedures or areas of improvement. Practicing up to date medicine will promote better health care outcomes for the patients, and creates a more flexible environment that encourages change. I never want to become a nurse that gets stuck in the ways of the past and wastes opportunities to improve my practice. I also recognize that healthcare is a political system, and the nurses that refuse to embrace the ever advancing system will be replaced with someone who wants to face the challenges head on. I have gathered many resources over my time in school that can
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