My Philosophy Toward Child Development

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I will need to develop an Operating Budget considering many things, including caregiver salaries, cleaning supplies & cleaning services, leasing agreement, utilities (gas, water, sewer, electricity), learning supplies and other expenses. My plan needs to be successful and efficient. There is a need to prepare and employee handbook with specific rules and policies in regard to attendance, timely arrival, pay schedule, a procedure to request time off and employee discipline procedures, staff certification requirements. Prepare to meet all requirements when renewing state licensure. Review facilities basic health and safety standards, indoor space requirements, adequate lighting, ventilation, fire codes. Carefully note child-to-staff ratios and group sizes and list your specific caregiver qualifications. My vision statement will include my philosophy toward child development and demonstrate I will develop an atmosphere of trust and clear, fair decision-making. I will interact with the children on a daily basis. A child’s intellectual and emotional development is extremely important they need a sturdy foundation I view this profession as an opportunity to make a difference in a child’s/life. Working with young children will be fulfilling and inspiring, but challenging, First, step to start a business I will need confidence and a clear vision of how to execute my plan. Child care business more tightly regulated than many other businesses. Licensing Requirements are

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