My Philosophy and Theory about English Teaching Essay

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My Philosophy and Theory about English Teaching

Teaching is a performance, a journey, and a battle. It is political, it is taxing, and its rewards are often not reaped until years later. A classroom requires quick thinking and reactions, and the modern teacher must succeed in lives of teenagers that are becoming increasingly more tenuous and complicated. All of these items factor into why everything a successful teacher does must have the firm backing of his or her own teaching philosophy and theory.

When I stand in front of my first English class and begin my effort at teaching, the farthest things from my mind will be the academic battles between the proponents of whole language and phonics. I will not be thinking about whether
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Students can learn a number of things in the English classroom - current events, multiculturalism, self-reflection and discovery, analysis, communication, technology - and my goal and teaching philosophy is to stretch these bounds of the English classroom so that students are getting a true and limitless learning experience. What I perceive as the nearly infinite flexibility of Language Arts as a subject matter is a main reason I am entering the field. Through the study of literature and the development of one's self as a writer, students can learn an amazing amount of things about themselves as well as the world around them. I look forward to giving students a well-rounded understanding of what a firm grasp of English - and all its tributaries -- can accomplish for them.

In reflecting on my philosophy as an English teacher, it is probably useful to divide the prospective goals, or outcomes, of my classroom into two parts. One of these is a more concrete area of philosophy - to meet the requirements of my position. This includes meeting the standards of the curriculum in the state of Michigan and within my school district, meeting the standards of standardized tests like the MEAP, and preparing my students for their next English class, future employment, or college. I believe these are the bare minimum for any English classroom.

Meeting curricular standards will be a primary focus

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