My Philosophy of Classroom Management Essay

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A. Theoretical Introduction My philosophy of classroom management is that the management of elementary classrooms require several things. Among patience, determination and motivation are: flexibility, careful planning and consistency. A well-managed classroom did not get well-managed without a teacher who planned, had a flexible vision and was determined. Any new teacher, who is asked, will say they want a classroom with as few behavioral problems as possible as well as one that is easily manageable. But any experienced teacher, who is asked, will tell those new teachers that classrooms do not come "well managed". They have to be made into well-managed classrooms. These experienced teachers would also encourage by saying…show more content…
This would include everything from the way desks should be arranged and the order subjects are taught, to the type of activities given to enhance a lesson. Planning of these things will help classroom management run much more smoothly. Finally, classroom management requires consistency, particularly with discipline. Inconsistent teachers who discipline only half of the time it is needed, send mixed messages to that child as well as to his/her classmates. Teachers need to remember that following through with what they said helps the child remember that their undesirable behavior will not be tolerated and that there are consequences for their actions. Consistency is a skill that teachers should make sure they have when they step into a classroom. Flexibility, careful planning and consistency are key components, I think, that teachers would find helpful when dealing with classroom management.
I feel children need guidance and support from the world around them. That is why they have parents, family and teachers. I believe, like Barbara Coloroso and others, that children are worth all the work teachers put into their job. Children are not only worth it, but they deserve our very best. Even the "troublesome" kid in the class, deserves to get an education and learn how to read so he/she can fill out a job application when he/she is eighteen. As adults, who have gone through most of our schooling, we owe
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