My Philosophy of Eduation

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# 1 Identify and discuss four dispositions/characteristics you feel an effective teacher MUST possess and provide justification for your thinking using scholarly knowledge from texts, experiences, and classroom discussions. Then, explain which philosophy of education your four chosen dispositions describe. A deep understanding and grounding in the philosophy must be evident in your answer.

I believe that by nature, people are inquisitive. The curiosity that can stem from and start in the classroom can expand into a love for life long learning. I think the main focus of education should be to encourage and facilitate that advancement of knowledge. While there are many things that an effective teacher must possess, I believe these
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Children thrive in an environment where they have solutions to every problem throughout the day. In a classroom with a predictable environment and you would anchor charts with problem solving, sharpened and non sharpened pencils, a note box for questions or comments, and a schedule of goals and task that will make up the day. In a predictable environment you could hear music playing symbolizing the rotation of group, sounds that signal to retreat back to your seat, or a song that greets children every morning. A predictable environment also helps keep the cleanliness of your room. When children know where the folders, writing notebooks, or pencils are kept, it helps keep the room organized. This environment helps with behavioral issues because its cancels out a lot of the unknown. Children are more likely to behave when the expectations are clear. The reason I believe a predictable environment is essential to effective teaching is because of all the positive things that stem from it. There is great importance in children having access to thoughtful and purposefully selected texts. Children's knowledge and growth stems from curiosity and desire to learn. Through reading children become learners and investigators by connecting their thoughts with texts. I believe in every classroom should be multiple genre of books. There should be song books, chapter books, picture books, wordless books, and multiple informational books over single subjects. When

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