My Philosophy of Education Essay

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My Philosophy of Education

Education. What is education? Education is a field of study dealing with methods of teaching and learning. Many children in the world today are getting some kind of education. Whether it is at home or in a classroom, education is everywhere. Many of the teachers today have a philosopher that they use as a reference to their everyday teaching or use some of their methods to teach their students. In this paper I'm going to express my meaning of education and the different aspects that each and every teacher should follow. I'm going to start with nature of students than follow into with these topics: nature of knowledge, purpose of education, why it is important, things I want to accomplish as a teacher,
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When the teachers got the results back they would place the students into groups such as: the slow kids, intermediate kids, average kids, and the superior. So if Rousseau was right on his theory than each kid in my class would have passed that test with high scores, and there would not have been a need for separate reading groups. When a child learns how to read than they will never forget how, they will just grow more in their vocabulary and speaking. What if someone asked you, " What is knowledge?" " Does it Change?" you should reply that knowledge is something that is far as one knows, and no it does not change; it's absolute. What you know in life can only increase not decrease. There might come a time in your life when you think you know everything there is to know about a certain thing, but then you sit down and read a book you learn something else that you didn't know before. So that proves your knowledge increases not decreases, and the things you are taught and learn or your own will never change, they can only increase. An example showing that knowledge never changes is like when you read your bible. You go and read a chapter and you interpret what that chapter said. Then you read that chapter later on in that same year you will pick up on something that you never knew before. As for the truth of the bible it never changes and it also is absolute. If you would burn this book it would
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