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Philosophy of Education

Norms and values are a reflection of society’s standards of behavior. Since society evolves from each generational perspective, the “norm” is continuously changing. As a result, the rising adults have a grave influence on how the world will evolve into the next generation. What we teach our students today will reflect the success of our future. How we, as teachers, get our messages across will definitely influence the student’s ability to apply that knowledge. From my experiences and what I have encountered I intend to incorporate the Pragmatic and Idealistic philosophies into my classroom, based on my predictions on how to be a successful teacher.

The Pragmatic approach to education involves placing the
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To help in the formation of decision-making, I plan to allow for as much classroom input on assignments and tasks that need to be accomplished. This would dampen the feeling of becoming overwhelmed with the task and would generate a better understanding of why tasks and assignments are being carried out. Obviously, education should cover the mastery of the basics, but just basic knowledge will not benefit the children in the end. A sense of how the world is ran and the importance of group work should defiantly be apart of a teacher’s curriculum.

As an elementary school teacher, I plan to focus my lessons on the mastery of the basics. Without a solid foundation in which to build upon the “building” so to speak will just collapse. One major factor that affects the potential of the student is the working environment in which they are placed. I plan to provide a relaxed atmosphere for my students with allowing flexibility for student’s input in my daily routines. Getting children involved in the learning process is of major concern in my education goals. I then plan to incorporate a lot of positive reinforcement to show the children that all of their work is greatly appreciated. This takes away the feeling of doing something for nothing, which is not very inspirational. My room design will be inspirational as well. It will consist of

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