Essay on My Philosophy of Education

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When asked how one would define education many may say it is learning subjects such as Mathematics and English, being tested to see what one has absorbed and that the subsequent marks indicate the level of one’s success. Until recently, due to my experiences in education, I too agreed with this as well as believing that I was of a certain ability level. Only now, through having being introduced to various learning theories, experiences and influences during teacher training have I started to develop a different philosophy of education. I concur that Mathematics and Literacy broaden children’s education further, however subjects such as these are stepping stones and not the destination in a child’s educational journey. In this reflective …show more content…
During a recent literacy unit for example, I found that by collaborating in mixed groups on a piece of writing the children were able to be stimulated by ideas from one another, and therefore be motivated and inspired to add to the writing. Also, the more able children could help with spelling and galvanise their learning through supporting others in the group who could not support themselves. Giving children the opportunity to talk to one another gives them the chance to expand on their learning, and crucially, this social interaction allows them to refine their speaking, listening and teamwork skills. Education is a preparation for future life, and although subject matter is part of that grounding, it is these kinds of skills, amongst others I will mention later, that will truly prepare children for adulthood.
Vygotsky then, through his social constructivist theories was stating in effect, that a child develops through what others do around them. This has made me think a great deal about my role as an educator, and has made me realise that I cannot be seen as someone who merely imparts knowledge, but that if I wish children to be good learners then I must be a paradigm of learning. I am there to model curiosity, I do not show myself to be all knowing and infallible, but as someone who questions and makes mistakes. I will often present a problem to the class as if I do not know the answer, for example
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