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My Philosophy of Education

All children can learn. This has been a philosophy of mine ever since I won a contest in fourth grade. All fourth graders were asked to submit a saying a that was going to be put on our school flag. To my surprise, I won and that was what made me realize just how true that statement is. However, that philosophy can be broken up into five components. The first being the purpose of education. Second, the nature of knowledge. Third, the nature of the student. Next, the method used in teaching. Last, but of course not least, the curriculum that is taught in schools.

I feel the purpose of education is to create a better person as well as a better society. In today’s society, people need an education more
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I believe is knowledge is inherited. Fortunate for some, not too fortunate for others. All children ate born with the ability to learn, but speed is what makes the difference. A perfect example is a student that goes to Yale, more than likely has previous generations that attended there. On the other hand, a student that has parents without a college degree, does not feel as smart around a future Yale student. This is where the students start putting themselves into groups. Forcault says that power shapes knowledge and knowledge shapes power and I could not agree more.

Third, the nature of human beings. I agree with Rousseau on this topic, When he says children are born innocent. Unlike adults they do not know right from wrong, so when they get yelled at, they don’t understand why. Over time, however, the child learns that when he/she gets yelled at, they must be doing something wrong. As the child grows older and gets acquainted with society, it is hard for the child to tell what is right and wrong. The child goes through a state of confusion when they see their parents doing one thing and their peers doing another. The child should take into consideration both the opinions of their parents and peers; but, do what they feel is the correct thing to do.

Methods of teaching varies so much from one teacher to the next. As a person who interacts well with others and prefers a study partner, you can bet one of my methods is going
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