Essay on My Philosophy of Education

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My Philosophy of Education

As I start to write this paper, I begin to think of the reasons why I want to become a teacher. The most important reason is my love for children. When I was little, I always dreamed about being a teacher and I would always pretend to be teaching a classroom. As I grew older, I knew I wanted to be in a field that involved interaction with people. I soon began to work at a local gymnastics center where I became a coach for children form ages two to seventeen. At my work, even through the bad experiences, I could not help but love and want to help those kids even more. This was a great experience because I discovered how much I wanted to be a part of helping children to learn and succeed. I have a
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When doing hands - on learning, I will incorporate it with a lesson that will require discussion and teaching first. I plan to use many different ideas in the way the class is arranged. The bulletin boards will be very colorful and one may include student info, like their pictures, names, birth dates, and interests while the other may be seasonal.

I believe that an effective teacher will use both authoritarian and non - authoritarian instruction, depending on the content and the situation. I would want the kids involved but when discipline arises I would become strict. I plan to be well organized and I plan to present the subject matter in an interesting manner. I will also try to bring in a lot of variety because it will increase a student’s curiosity. On the first day of school, I plan to let students know what is expected of them and what they can and cannot due. To motivate my students I will learn their names quickely and provide encouragement, as well as, positive reinforcement.

In dealing with discipline, I plan to set down with my students on the first day of school and develop a list of rules and consequences. I plan to enforce these rules with everyone; if I would make an exception, I would be unfair. In dealing with troubled students and all students, I plan to praise them when they behave appropriately, give them recognition for
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