My Philosophy of Education Essay

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My Philosophy of Education

Out of the four primary philosophical outlooks, I identify best with the existentialism philosophy; because this philosophy best fits my teaching style. I want my classroom to be a place where students discover their abilities, self-worth, and uniqueness as an individual by experiences within the classroom. This is my goal as an educator.

Creativity and variety will be the two components I rely on to create my classroom. I intend to use lots of color and light in the classroom to create a comfortable atmosphere where students feel relaxed and are able to focus on learning. In my classroom, I will have plants, photos of me and my students and classical or instrumental music playing softly in the
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I plan to make these activities daily routines in my classroom. I defiantly will establish a daily routine of activities will go on in my classroom. I believe that routines lead to a structured classroom. Furthermore, I believe structure is a necessity in the classroom. However, I believe it has to be used in moderation like everything else.

I also want my children and parents to have a say in classroom rules and for my students to understand why it is important to obey rules. I will have rules posted in a highly visible spot on the wall in the classroom and from time to time remind my students of them. I believe in positive – reinforcement so therefore I will offer a reward for well-behaved students. I believe when you reward good behavior and address misbehavior that your students begin to see the importance of their actions. I will deal with as many problems in the room as I can and will not use the office unless I feel it necessary.

I will welcome parent involvement in the classroom. I believe when students see parents volunteering that it sends them of message that they are loved and cared for. I would love to have parents come eat with their child, bring snacks, read stories and so forth; it would excite me. Also, I plan to communicate with parents through weekly newsletters that let them know what is going on in the classroom because I think it is vital for parents to be in tune with what is going on in their child’s classroom.

I will
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