Essay about My Philosophy of Education

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My Philosophy of Education

Generally when you compare twins you find that they are different in many ways. Even if they are identical and they look exactly alike they usually have different personalities. Normally they are extreme opposites; one takes up the more dominant outgoing personality while the other is shy and more of a follower. Ever since my sister and I were little I have taken on the more dominant role. From the time of playing school when I was little I have always loved being in control. Of course, I was always the teacher and got to boss everyone around. Even into my high school years I took pride in being captain of my basketball team and my teammates looking to me as the leader. I have never shied
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After college I plan on going back near home in Virginia and getting a job as a high school physical education teacher. With this profession I will not only be taking on the physical part but health, drivers education, and family life coincide with my job title. I also want to be the varsity’s girl’s basketball coach. With all these obligations I will have to blend in all kinds of different teaching methods and philosophies.

When I partake in the physical education part I will use direct teaching. With every new sports unit I will teach and demonstrate the skills that are needed to play the sport. Then I will let the students practice the skills and give them feedback on their performance. When they have tackled all the skills successfully they will then get to play the sport. With this approach they will learn how to do the skills appropriately and be able to use them in a game. They will be learning and having fun at the same time. When teaching family life I will incorporate mastery learning into my classroom. Family Life is a very impressionable topic at the high school age. Students handle this subject in different ways and at different paces. If I give all the students a chance to learn the material at their own pace and then test them when they are ready, it will stick with them longer. Family Life is very important especially now with the increasing amount of students falling to become a statistic. If
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