My Philosophy of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education

If I had to pick one view that is most compatible with my own view and learning and teaching it would have to be Constructivism. If I got to choose another one I would go with Cognitive. Constructivism is a view that focuses on the active role of the learner and a Cognitive view sees learning as an active mental process of receiving, remembering, and using knowledge. Both of these views see the role of students as an active role; an involved role. I believe that we learn knowledge and change our behavior based upon this knowledge; instead of the other way around. I used to be somewhat of a behaviorist in that I put too much of the teachers focus on the behavior of the students. I have began to stray away
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Just because something was used and found to be successful in the past doesn’t mean it should be used now; and if it’s won’t work I’m obviously not going to use it. A good combination of views and techniques is the most suffice way to obtain a philosophy of your own. Every pure philosophy, by itself, has faults. I refuse to rely on one point of view to be the guideline to how I prepare my students for the future.

There is a certain code if you will to how a teacher should act and just as important how he should present himself. I assumed that these rules were a given; that everyone automatically knew them. Unfortunately I was wrong. Some of today’s teachers do not know anything about either of these guidelines. A teacher should not only dress accordingly but more importantly act appropriately. Showing kindness to all of ones students should be a main priority. Avoid becoming a pushover, but become a friend to your students. This is where I think my old philosophy became a little too idealistic. I touched on this earlier and once again I think that the teacher student relationship has become too impersonal and a friendship between a teacher and a student is not very common in today’s classroom. A friendly, trusting teacher-student relationship is hard to obtain. A mutual respect can be more easily obtained and will create a better more effective learning environment. It is also important that a
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