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My philosophy on education is that all students should receive the most uplifting educational experience. I want to change a student’s spirit towards all aspects of their school and curriculum. Creating a sense of pride in themselves and where they attend school is a crucial element in their interest in education. A student should be allowed to form their own opinions, instead of conforming to the ideas of their teacher. This will be accomplished by allowing the students to take charge of their learning so that it will hold some significance to them. I feel it is my responsibility to help shape the students’ character, as well as their minds. An educator should model the behaviors that are expected from their students. An educator …show more content…
Van Brummelen (2002) discusses the ideas of the Creation Mandate and to be servants of his world "they restrain evil and promote virtue, justice, security, compassion, and human dignity" (p.51). These values are exactly what we hope our students walk away with when they leave the public or private school setting. I feel that our educational system promotes shalom, which is "the biblical peace, justice, and righteousness that heals and restores broken relations with God, with other humans, with self, with other creatures, and with nature" (Van Brummelen, 2002, p.62). Educators work so hard to create a school climate where students treat each other with respect. That is evident by how much schools spend on character education programs that promote the characteristics of shalom. As with my Creation Mandate explanation, the character education programs are not openly attributing it to religion. Everyone is so afraid to discuss the relationship of religion and education that we regard these as coincidence instead of influence. Some schools concentrate so hard on not offending others' beliefs that it may be leading to a decrease in tolerance of other ideas and lifestyles. Someone asked me one time what I hoped my son would become when he finally becomes an adult. The question was aimed at a profession but I responded with, "a good person." I have always hoped that the

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