My Philosophy of Life: Metaphysics Essay

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What is meant by Metaphysics? Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, fact and value.
The central branch of metaphysics is known as ontology. This dives into the kinds of things that exist in the world and relations these things bear on one another. However, other areas that a metaphysician attempts to clarify may be how people understand the world, including existence, object hood, space and time to name a few.
A more delicacy view is that a metaphysical statement is not meaningless. There is no valid set of practical observations or any valid set of logical arguments to prove that metaphysical statements are true or
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You don’t know what you will need to know and what you don’t need to know. Sometimes we don’t ever know what we do know.
Experience is a form of knowing what’s what. We know from past experiences. For example, if a piece of metal is glowing red you know that it is hot or if a piece of meat has an odor you know it is bad. These are all from experience. We know things are what they are by seeing, touching, and smelling, which equates to experience.
Making mistakes and learning from them is a way to know. Lets say you put a pen in your pocket, it leaks you are less likely to make that same mistake therefore, you know putting a pen in your pocket might not be such a good idea. You might not know you made a mistake until you know what you did. It could look something like this, mistake + learning = knowing.
Knowing cannot provide answers to thorny situations such as terrorism or abortions. They can help us understand what type of relevant knowledge we need and provide context for the knowledge and decisions that need to be made. These types of things are more assumed than known. These subjects are relevant to everyone, even if they are not realized consciously, but everyone should know a bit more about everything.
Investigating the world of knowing is a natural process in a natural world. One cannot pretend to know what the outcome will be, but can prove it to be useful until something better has been developed.

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