My Philosophy of Teaching Essay

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Philosophy of Education

To be an effective educator, I believe one must have a foundation of moral and ethical principles. An educator should support the learning environment, while being flexible and teachable. He or she must also lay a foundation of beliefs on how individuals learn, seeking to enable individuals to reach their optimal potential. My personal educational philosophy begins with believing all children are unique individuals, with different emotions and different styles of learning. An educator has the incredible challenge of attempting to meet those needs. As an educator, I believe all children deserve the opportunity and resources that would better enable them to reach their maximum potential.
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All students deserve to be treated with respect and fairness, showing students they are unique individuals. In addition, I believe positive reinforcement is essential to the behavior change process. Positive reinforcement should be consistent, individualized, and not complicated.

I believe that positive student/teacher interaction and family involvement are essential to the learning process. I believe that all students can succeed in education. It is my goal as a teacher to develop the intellect of all learners through a challenging curriculum. I hope to propose thought provoking questions that will prompt students to think and learn on their own. I will provide supervised practice to ensure the students in my classroom are learning. I believe problem-solving skills will be the most valuable skills students can learn. It is important for the class to be active in the community and active in life-changing events. Students learn best by doing. Emphasis will be placed on learning how to learn. Students will take an active role in helping decide what they learn and how they want to learn it. They will be responsible for helping to care for and maintain the learning environment, thus taking ownership of the class.

As a future English language arts teacher I hope to provide instruction that leads my students to active thought. I believe reading, writing, speaking, and listening are all linked to thinking. These processes are social and
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