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My Philosophy of Teaching

When we are children we aspire many goals and careers. Once we complete, our K-12 education, reality must set in. What are best attributes to a career? What would sastify us most? What is the single most defying career choice that is best for us? During the past year, I have gone from one major to the next and back again. It is definitely a stressful time in one’s life. The choices we make now will have a lasting effect on us. Education was my beginning major and yes, through every obstacle it is the major I have chosen. Teachers possess a difficult job because they inspire and create our future nation. I want to be a part of that I want to help a child achieve their short and long-term goals. When
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(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) This quote in essence describes the type of effective teacher I aspire to be. If I can for one minute arouse a feeling in a child that they are excited and inspired, that subject could be play an effective role in their lives and mean more to them than anything that is etched in their memory for one exam. The definition of knowledge is the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association. Knowledge is taught in concrete and absolute terms. Some of the things I learned as student were absolute; they have never changed and will not change. Other aspects of knowledge would be considered relative because there are other existing viewpoints any subject. In my classroom, I will use both relative and absolute knowledge because they both exert immense importance. Students can display their relative knowledge when we discuss opinionated topics and they will need to know absolute knowledge on criteria for each taught unit.

The overall purpose of education is to teach basics of knowledge and to challenge each individual to learn more and surpass all their personal expectations. Expectations they have set for themselves educationally, mentally, socially, and physically. Education is important because it is a key of society. We are judged in society by what class we are in and what
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