My Philosophy of Teaching Essay

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My Philosophy of Teaching

Teaching is a daunting task that I do not intend to take lightly. Becoming a teacher has been a dream of mine for several years. I always knew that teaching would be the career for me, especially when I began working in the school system as a substitute secretary. I loved working in the school environment; coming in contact with children everyday made me realize how much I would enjoy teaching a classroom full of students.

Teachers play such an important role in a child’s life, sometimes being their only source of encouragement and support. As a teacher, I want to know my students – their personality, learning style, and academic level, so I can meet their needs and create the best learning
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I want to be a constructivist teacher by actively involving students in real situations, focusing on students’ perceptions and points of view, and most importantly, valuing the process of thought in my students rather than on the answer or product. I want my classroom to be an active place with many opportunities for discovery and experimentation, a place where I can be a fellow learner instead of merely a fact giver.

It is difficult for me to determine what philosophy of education I am leaning toward. I believe that I will develop my philosophy through experience – learning what works with students and what doesn’t work with students. However, I agree with many of the Essentialist goals and practices. The American educator William Bagley originally popularized the term essentialism as an educational philosophy in the 1930’s. The philosophy itself had been the dominant approach to education in America from the beginnings of American history but began to be criticized as being too rigid to prepare students adequately for adult life. The 1983 report from the President’s Commission on Excellence in Education entitled “A Nation at Risk,” mirrors essentialist concerns today, revealing the need to get back to practicing the positive aspects of Essentialism philosophy in America’s classrooms.

I believe the aim of education is to teach the young the essentials they need to live well in the modern world. To realize this
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