My Philosophy of Teaching Essay

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Philosophy of Education Education is something that every person should be given the chance to attain. It is vital for all people young, old, mentally impaired, ADHD, or whatever characteristic they may encompass. I believe everyone has the right to learn and be taught in an school environment. The law passed in 1975, P.L. 94-142, made numerous changes in the way certain children with special needs was being treated in the public school system. With the update in 1991, IDEA (Individuals With Disabilities act) added to the progress to end discrimination towards all exceptionalities. I hope in the future more changes will be accomplished to fully benefit those with exceptionalities. Education is a gift that needs to be…show more content…
Each child’s attitude towards learning and the way they perceive and comprehend information will be on separate levels from one another some higher, some lower, and some in between. Therefore, to me it is very important to consider each child’s unique individuality when planning a lesson. This way I can be sure that I am accommodating the needs of every child. Furthermore, today’s highly diverse classrooms require a more multicultural approach that doesn’t discriminate against any child. In addition, every child needs to be placed in the least restrictive environment from gifted to special needs children. It is my opinion that children best learn in an environment that will meet all of their needs to obtain an adequate education. Sometimes this means the general classroom and in other cases children need to be placed in a special education class on a full time basis. Full inclusion versus inclusion has been a debate amongst many teachers. For me the decision depends highly on the child and what fits his or her learning style. I’m going to teach eclectically borrowing from aspects of each philosophy. However, there are only two or three philosophical approaches that best fit my personal philosophy towards education including progressivism, existentialism, and a direct teaching method. First of all, my classroom is going to be based primarily on the proposal from John Dewey known as progressivism. This allows for a more democratic classroom,
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