Essay on My Philosophy of Teaching

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Philosophy of Education

Education plays a significant role in everyone's life. The purpose of education is to better our society as a whole. I believe education expands the minds of children and helps to give them a guideline on how to survive in the world. The purpose of a teacher is to provide students with an array of beliefs and views, which will later allow the students to create their own ideas about what is important in the world. The main goal of most teachers is to enforce ideas that they believe will be most valuable for a child's life.

Teachers should base their curriculum on their students needs and interests. I believe that there are many conditions that are needed to help enhance learning for students.
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Children all learn differently and teachers must be prepared to foster all of their needs. Throughout my years of schooling I always found that teachers who allowed their students to grasp concepts or ideas through hands on projects and visual aids were the most successful when it came to getting the point across. I believe that the best tactic for teaching students is to allow learning through trial and error. This type of teaching opens many doors for teachers. It allows teachers to break the students up into groups and have them share their ideas with one another. By doing this students learn how too cooperate with one another and to respect their peers thoughts.

In order to be successful in the teaching career I believe you must be extremely organized. Teachers must always have a worked out schedule of what they would like to accomplish with the class. By doing this it sets goals for the teacher which are later beneficial for everyone in the class. While creating your lesson plan teachers must always be open to new and creative ideas from others. Teacher must also understand that what they plan out each day may not always get accomplished. It is very important to make time for class discussions, which allows students to state their opinions and beliefs.

Classrooms are filled with children from many different backgrounds. I believe as a teacher that it is your job to create a

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