My Philosophy of Teaching Essay

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My Philosophy of Teaching

Teaching is the most rewarding and self-fulfilling career that I could imagine myself doing. The satisfaction that is received when watching a child’s eyes light up when they have comprehended and understood the topics that I have been teaching is a feeling of great achievement. Teaching children to become productive adults helps the foundation of our society. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults. I want to help society the best way that I know how. I want to be a teacher.

My life long dream has always been to become not only a teacher, but also a mentor. Education as an occupation is not a high paid position, but the amount of self-gratification that could be received is the best reward that I could
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For example, if a student does not learn math, he or she will be unable to balance a checkbook. Although my philosophies incorporate essentialism, I feel strongly toward other philosophies as well.

It is my belief that a good teacher’s philosophy cannot necessarily be categorized under one of the traditional terms, but is in fact under the term "adaptable". A good teacher is not set in his or her ways, but will adapt to the situation and task at hand. For example, if a student does not plan to attend college, it may be more advantageous for the student to attend vocational school. If a student attends vocational school, this would not fall under the back-to-basics approach as described in essentialism philosophy. In my opinion, a good teacher must be able to deviate from this philosophy.

As a teacher, I plan to incorporate the philosophy of progressivism in my classroom, too. It is important for students to understand the relevance of a particular subject matter in relation to his or her life experiences and interests. A good teacher is supposed to be better preparing their students for the future. If that is the case, then all teachers must have some progressivism in their manner of instruction. If not, the teacher would not truly be concerned about the future of the students. The future of the world is technology. People must also learn how to communicate with one another even if they have different views on certain subjects. This will make society better
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