My Philosophy on Teaching Literature Essay

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My Philosophy in Teaching Literature I believe all children can learn to read in a classroom that is integrated with differentiated instruction and has a safe and engaging learning environment which is rich with a variety of literature to light that spark in the children to want to learn. I will make an effort to get to know my children in order to be able to provide a classroom library with nonfiction books to inform the inquiring mind, picture books for the artistic mind, and fiction books to entertain. All books will be chosen based on their curiosity, interest, personal connection, and learning profile, in order to attract and enchant the young readers into going back to the book area again and again. I am looking forward to having …show more content…

The poem can be used in a lot of ways to implement other language arts activities but the highlight of this activity is coming up with silly or fun body movements to accompany the choral reading of the poem. Doing the body movements creates lots of laughter and giggling. The fun, being silly, and the laughter, relaxes the children, helping to being more receptive to soaking in new information. This also lights a spark in the students to learn the moves and memorize the poem so that they can share it with the family. I have seen students, who were struggling in memorizing the poem, asking a classmate to help them practice the poem and every day, during recess, the student would practice under the classmate’s watchful eye, making sure the poem was memorized correctly, so that the student can share it with the family. Seeing that, I realized that the poem is not only a wonderful introduction to literature and the language arts, but that it is also a very powerful connection to their parents, strong enough to motivate a child to forego recess and practice memorizing. Another favorite activity is picking a story that the whole class enjoyed very much during shared reading and performing a small part out of that story using very simple props that are easily available in the classroom. We will do this activity every three weeks or so. I will have literature circles, guided reading, and independent reading. We will have discussions as a class,

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