My Picture Day Research Paper

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Today was a pretty normal day nothing really big happened. Although it was picture day so I made sure I got ready for it. This morning I woke up early so that I could print some makeup to put on. I made sure to add some bronzer on it cause I'm so pale. Then I 3D printed me some eggs and waffles. It was really good. And got my clothes on which are all made of recycled plastic because I'm eco-friendly. Mom wasn't feeling so good today so she just called a self driving uber to come pick me up and bring me to school. She also gave me back my iPhone 36S because I cleaned my room last night. School overall was pretty boring we just did are everyday things in class. In history we are making a holographic images of founding fathers and programming them with facts about the founding father they are. In science…show more content…
When I was done with all the stuff I had to do I headed to the living room and watched a 360 Camera movie with 4D effects. It was pretty cool because water really splash you during the shipwreck scene. It was a pretty cool new movie.
Once the movie is over mom had made dinner and it was it 3D printed food mom actually spent time cooking real food which always taste better than 3-D printed food. She made some smoke salmon with rice on the side. Also my dad came back from his business trip from Mars today. I mean I know he wasn't gone very long it's only been a week but I still miss him a lot. Dad said that we may be moving there in a few years because Mars needs a lot of astronomical farmers up there and that the plan it's really starting to get there and get a hold human that the planets really starting be able to have human life on it.
After dinner I headed to my bedroom and wiped off my makeup and got into my PJs. I also told my robot butler to clean my room and do my laundry tomorrow. I made sure to update my status telling everybody that I'm going to bed now on
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