My Pilgrimage To Mali

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MY PILGRIMAGE I have decided to go on a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca from Mali. The travel will be for a few days. This travel of mine in 1324, is religious where I am forgiven for the sins I have committed during my lifetime. I will leave my precious Mali for this hajj. There are some things I have to keep in mind. I have to remember to go along the Niger to Mema, then to Walata, then through Taghaza and on to Tuat. There in Tuat, I will seek something to trade for my gold. I will be lucky to trade something in Tuat since many go there. I have carried a good amount of gold to trade. I have traded many things with Egypt for a lot of gold. Hopefully, I was not tricked. The amount they asked for seemed a lot, but I could still afford
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