My Placement At Paul Donaghy Pharmacy

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During my placement at Paul Donaghy Pharmacy a number of things became apparent about how increasingly important pharmacists are in a community setting. Pharmacist are at the frontline of the healthcare system, interacting with patients on a face to face basis everyday allows for a number of key services to be administered, which can take pressure of other healthcare professionals. Paul Donaghy Phamacy, is located in the centre of Dungannon which is alow income area and has a high number of foreign nationals, which had a number of services available to patients, the most popular being smoking cessation, but it also offers weight management, monitoring dosage, care homes, medicines use reviews for both respiratory and diabetics and drug substitution therapy. the pharmacy had 10 patients on drug substitution therapy, which doesn’t seem like a large amount of patients when comparing with the numbers on other advanced services, but this service comes with its own challenges. Most patients availing of this service come from an underprivileged or deprived area, and are at the lower end of the income spectrum or are on benefits. This brings with it a negative stereotype which as a pharmacist can be tough to gauge and deal with. Counselling each of these patients brings a challenge as I was able to observe on a daily basis as each patients dose was supervised daily. Prior to starting the service each patient had to sign a contract before undertaking this service which set out

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