My Placement Experience With The Scouts Victoria, One Of The Largest Not For Profit Essay

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This case study report highlights my placement experience with the Scouts Victoria, one of the largest not-for-profit (NFP) youth international organisations in Australia. This report aims to unfold the organisations internal (e.g. organisational skills) and external (e.g. funding) activities along with my role as an intern and self-reflection of my learning. It will explore these by describing my duties, responsibilities, encountered challenges and issues observed during my placement hours.
My role as an intern was to help organise an event, a spring market or a spring fete, a fundraiser for the 5th Brunswick Scout Hall. It was an opportunity for me to put my marketing skills that I have learnt during the past years at university into practice. Having no experience working on a real project that involves the community or event management knowledge, this community-volunteering placement gave me an opportunity to explore my career field in marketing. However, I had no idea of how it would be like or what to expect, it was all new to me. The class seminars provided some background knowledge and guidance about volunteering in the community and a good overview of what to expect when working for a NFP organisation. Even though, I did not have a specific plan in my mind on how I was going to tackle this project or if I was prepared enough to take up a big responsibility like this. I thought I would take it as I go along as I always do with my other assignments. I was ready to
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