My Plan For A Capstone Project

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At SNHU, I have acquired a lot of skills that allowed me to complete my capstone project. I have learned many concepts that help me to successfully finish with my entire program. To prepare such a capstone project, it is indispensable to have some skills and knowledge. I received that knowledge from the course I had at SNHU. I got the project management skills. I now have knowledge of the healthcare informatics. My communication skills have been ameliorated. Since the project is about the healthcare system, I used my knowledge of healthcare studies to prepare my report. Those studies included, but not limited to: Health Policy and Financing; Leadership in Clinical Microsystems; Global Health and Diversity; and Health Policy, Law, Ethics and Regulations. In Addition to that knowledge, the marketing skills have been helpful for preparing the report. In sum; the courses I took at SNHU have considerably helped me to appropriately prepare the capstone project. All of those skills and knowledge are helping me in my workplace. For example, I have learned from the Healthcare Informatics study, the concept of EMR and EHR and their meaningful use in health care settings. Through that concept; nowadays, I have a solid EMR user in my workplace. I will apply that concept in my future high position in the healthcare organizations here in the USA or somewhere in the world. The Project Management and the Marketing studies ameliorated my communication skills. One of my favorite classes was

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