My Pocket As A Future Entrepreneur

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It wasn’t difficult for me to find someone to interview from the field I’d like to make my career. I’m lucky enough to already have some networking in my pocket as a future entrepreneur. My goal is to one day own my own bakery and bistro, and one of my friends, Micah, is the operator of Caffe Tempo –a coffee shop in downtown Eau Claire, owned by his family. Micah was excited to be interviewed for this paper, but his schedule is extremely full. So as a result, we met during one of his shifts at the coffee shop. This was good and bad for the interview. It was good, because we were where all the action is, so I was able to get a real feel for what it’s like to multitask as an entrepreneur with multiple obligations. Not only was he working,…show more content…
Micah is a very talented singer, musician, and songwriter. I’ve always thought of that path as his one passion. As he told me why though, his gestures were akin to an orchestra conductor, his smile widened and his head tipped back as if to say, “who needs to look? Just absorb the glory that is the coffee business!” He was excited when the opportunity presented itself to actually lay out the atmosphere and fun he had planned into a real scenario. I know that Micah has gone to school. Quite honestly, I’m not sure what for. However, according to him, no advanced education is truly a necessity when it comes to this business. “C’mon Lizzie, you know everything can be Googled and YouTubed,” he told me with a shrug and a slight eye-roll. He goes on to explain that what is needed is grit, work ethic and integrity. That’s what gets you through the day, the month, the year. That’s what gets you success as an entrepreneur. This threw me a bit, as I’ve been told by banks and potential investors that they want an education to feel comfortable giving a loan or invest in a business. So, I asked for advice. His reply was given with a serious face and direct eye contact, “Don’t do it.” In return I looked at him with an expression to convey the message “Are you kidding Micah?” Which he was able to decode and he answered with an addition, “…unless you are willing to live it.” He explained that there are operating hours when you’re actually working with the customers
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