My Poetry By Martha Nell Analysis

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The humanities are very crucial in human existence and their characteristic. It is not “luxury” as smith Martha Nell arguing in this article; however, it is a way to understand and learn more about human conditions. It is the “quality of the light” in which we see our dreams, hope, wishes, and fears toward changes that first made to language then idea finally action (51). “My Poetry” said Smith includes; music, history, art, philosophy, dance, theater and overall humanities (48). Poetry is a way to give name to nameless things then we will be able to think critically (48). Many politicians by advertising they want us to move with metaphors; however, they fix our language in which being taking away from us and do not want us to think critically as Smith was illustrating (48). Robert Frost stated that metaphor is very important for our thinking and he…show more content…
When Smith was listing to Yudof deceleration on national TV, it was a flash back of his late father voice who was always telling him humanities never would get him a job and getting PhD in English is totally waste of time and how smith was emphasizing that he would get PhD in English and Poetry (50). Martha believes that the main problem is that people like Yudof who try to explain the current situation they use a misleading metaphor, which stop most people from thinking straight specially about the state of the humanities and he emphasize the “humanities are not in crisis” (51). Therefore, Smith argued that this fact need to be certified and he emphasized that humanities are not in crisis (51). In conclusion, Smith stated five recommendations for how to use powerful tools for those who are in humanity. First he said to disregard any false story about cost and pay in humanity (53). Next, He recommended knowing the value of humanities and advocate that constantly is very important for those who are in humanities
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