My Point Of View 20th Century

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Diala Tadros
Unit #3 exam


A. From my point of view 20th century period is the best and the worst time to represent the western culture. But it’s the best for the most part. Western culture refers to the culture of any country that is a part of the western world. The western country is always democratic has neo-liberal capitalist economy. Has a separation of church and state, and high livings standards with materialistic society? The USA, UK, France are examples of western countries. Western culture is also a music type and lifestyle that come from the western countries. Best it boosted the economy, increase technology, creates a foundation for future. Negative increase change to lose their roots and values. The major historical events in the 20th century are first The European Imperialism in Africa and Asia. Second World War 1 it was directly triggered by the assassination of Austrian archduke, Franz and his wife. And third the Russia Revolution is the revelation that had 2 parts the February revolution was essentially a bread riot that spiraled out of control. And October revelation was much more organized affair.
B. Religion has lots of meanings it depends on the person how he or she my opinion religion is a word means truth or peace believing in one god and follow his rules and his holy books. In the 20th century of western culture religion was a positive ultimately by making the world and each single person believe in one god either Christianity,
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