My Point Of View Attachment Theory

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Main Post Attachment theory is defined as the characters associated with the long term associated of human beings. From my point of view attachment is a lasting, secure and positive bond between a child and a caregiver, a reciprocal relationship. John Bowlby who used his knowledge in developmental psychology, psychoanalysis, ethology, and data processing to base his principle of the theory developed attachment theory. John Bowlby believed that attachment theory was on of the four essential behavioral systems necessary for the evolution and survival of humans. Mary Ainsworth, psychologist, who made a big impact on Bowlby 's attachment theory. She had definitely modified and improved this theory by providing most famous research “strange situation” which explained the individual differences of newborns in attachment. Ainsworth describes of the patterns of secure and insecure attachment, the study, which resulted 4 attachments pattern (styles); secure, ambivalent, avoidant, disorganized-insecure (AttachFromScatch, 2013). According Myra’s scenarios, Her baby appeared to be trying to make eye contact with her during feeding time she avoids eye contact by gazing out the window and she spends little time with him by consuming her time with house cores. Many of the Myra’s behaviors can lead to an insecure attachment for the baby. Therefore insecure attachments are centered on difficulties in separating the needs of the parent from the needs of the child. Stress also may affect
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