My Point Of View Of Franchising Essay

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TASK ONE According to my point of view, franchising is simply a technique for extending a business and distributing goods and services through a permitting relationship. It is a type of business that is owned and operated by franchisees but that is branded and overseen by a usually national or multinational company. Franchise is a business that you see in different cities. They are recognizable because their company logo and products are same. A franchise is a type of business that is the same all around you go. 1.1 Integrated business operations A term used to characterize an organization that consolidates two or more operations or divisions and works as a specialty unit. It is likewise called master franchise. Master franchise is a franchising contract in which the master franchiser hands over the control of the franchising activities in a specified territory to a person. Single product or service operations In simple words two or more company operated by single hand is called single products or service operations. Manufacturing and whole sale Manufacturing and Retail industry is subject to more opportunities, challenges as well as threats in other words supply the products Manufacturing and whole sale. Manufacturing and retail Manufacturing and retail is defined as when the product is ready to sell to the customers in other words direct transfer to manufacture to retail. Wholesale and retail Retailers consist of small and large for-profit businesses that sell

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