My Policy Change Will Be The Florida State Board Of Nursing

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The organization which I have chosen to exemplify my policy change will be the Florida state board of nursing. Every aspect that pertains to the nursing, and overall healthcare is embedded into the board of nursing and that is why for these and other reasons which I will later discuss, I have chosen this organization. The Florida board of nursing plays an essential role in health care regulation as the board members and staff interact regularly with other nursing associations affiliated with state legislators, as well as the National Council of State Board of Nursing. The board of nursing works with law politicians to change or invoke new healthcare policies, which play an integrate role in patient care. The Florida Board of nursing supports state associations such as the FNA which encourages legislation to allow all nurses to practice to the full extent of their education and training. It additionally supports efforts to protect the rights, jobs, wages, pensions, health care coverage, and other benefits of our state-employed health care nurses. Today I will be discussing about my policy brief and providing an in-depth analysis on the issue and how the Florida state board of nursing will contribute to the cause. (Cheryl, 2012). The problem that was presented in my health-care policy was pertaining to oxycodone and its decrease mortality rate due to Florida’s drug monitoring program. House Bill number 1381. I will expand upon its history. Substance abuse towards prescribed
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