My Portfolio At The Year I 've Made Major Change

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Kiss Retirement Portfolio: Reviewing my Portfolio • Over the last year I’ve made major changes to my portfolio. • One of my major concerns is how my portfolio will perform during corrections and bear markets. • Given the recent correction, I thought it would be good time to look at how my portfolio is holding up. RISK Investors define risk and loss in different ways, to keep us all on the same page, I believe it is import to clarify my thinking on risk and loss. What follows is an explanation of how I think about risk and loss; I am not claiming that you need to define risk and loss in the same manner. I invest to increase my purchasing power, understanding that if my investments do not work out my purchasing power will decrease. My…show more content…
Therefore, even if I believe an investment will recover, I consider it a loss until it recovers. You can never be sure that a loss in purchasing power will not be permanent. Investment Philosophy and Goals My investment goals and philosophies have been discussed in other articles. See: • The Beauty of Diversity • KISS Retirement Portfolio: My Retirement Portfolio • Why I Am Becoming A Passive Investor To summarize I was a stock picker who mostly invested in DGI stocks. I decided I could do just as well with less risk and less work by investing in ETFs and focusing on asset allocation. I believe that I can limit downside risk by keeping a diversified portfolio. My goal is to generate enough investment returns to meet my needs with as little risk as possible. My Current Portfolio I hold sixteen ETFs in my current portfolio. As of end of day 9/4/2015 Symbol %of portfolio % No cash CASH 8.41% DGS 3.11% 3.40% EFV 4.42% 4.82% IEFA 7.74% 8.45% SCHB 10.64% 11.62% SCHE 3.54% 3.87% SCHO 4.78% 5.21% SCHP 11.08% 12.09% SCHR 8.26% 9.02% SCZ 3.82% 4.17% TLT 10.38% 11.34% VBR 5.10% 5.56% VNQ 6.20% 6.77% VTIP 5.42% 5.92% VTV 5.14% 5.61% VWO 1.96% 2.14% 100.00% 100.00% I am invested in US Equities, developed market equities, emerging market equities and treasuries. My portfolio is tilted towards value and small caps. My bond holding are exclusively treasuries, because higher quality bonds tend to have less correlation with equities
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