My Portfolio: Evidence of Progress

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From my first diagnostic essay, which I know contained many errors but I still think contains the ideas I wanted to get across, to my essay on the short story "The Day it Happened," which is broken up in separate ideas but gave me a chance to develop my reading and my writing skills, to the last essay of the portfolio on "The Story of an Hour," where I ma able to put my ideas together in a better flow with much fewer mistakes, I think that this portfolio shows evidence of my progress in writing in English. Each essay contains my thoughts, but these thoughts and the way I am able to express them become clearer and more meaningful as my writing improves. The diagnostic essay that I wrote in class about my goals was both very difficult and very easy for me. The easy part, in truth, was knowing what I wanted to say, but actually selecting the right words and building the right sentences was hard. I think that the difficulty I had writing this essay can be seen in the way the words fit together and the ideas come out, because sometimes things are repeated and other times there are gaps that should probably be filled in better. At the same time, I feel that this is a good piece for inclusion in the portfolio because it shows how far I have come, and because it demonstrates…

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