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William Shakespeare once said “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool”. I knew I had much to develop in the span of the two years. However, this semester in English 1030 I was surprised by how much I actually learned and also how much I developed the writing skills I already had. My portfolio of the semester includes four pieces of writing and this reflective essay. I have decided to discuss what I have learned throughout these four pieces developing my voice within the two rhetorical analyses, developing my grammar skills further during the argument paper, and developing my investigation skills during the research paper.
This first two assignments were very difficult at first because I wasn’t quite
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I found the peer review process of this essay very helpful, not only with grammatical errors and tense usage, but also with the overall style of my essay. The next assignment was a second rhetorical analysis, which was actually my favorite of the semester, possibly because it also was the easiest for me, based on my past writing experience and what I learned from the first essay. I had learned that it was basically a paper with a lot of opinion but some facts or information from the sources provided in my point of view. I feel this helped develop my voice because it enabled me to learn how to summarize and paraphrase correctly, yet still reflect my concepts. At this point I also could clearly see the rhetorical situation in the assignment: the purpose was to provide an opinion on a subject matter that would theoretically influence someone on whether or not to believe in the authors view, the audience was my professor but also all my peers and anyone who might be interested in watching that subject.
For the second rhetorical analysis, I also used the brainstorming process, but in a slightly different way. Before I used idea webs and an outline of my ideas, but this time I studied the experts. I read over the articles provided thoroughly. I then based my structure on what I saw and filled in my facts, opinions, and summary of the plot the way I had seen
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