My Portfolio Value Of The Stock

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From my Stock Trak transactions, most of the stocks I bought have been going up. My portfolio value is $1,121,104.32, and my portfolio % return is 12.11%. I still have 406,389.71 in cash, I will invest more in future, and I think the outlook of American stock remains higher, because the American economy is recovering. I invested 54.24% of my holding on stocks, including 40.25% US equities and 13.99% international equities. I also invest 9.51% of my holdings on mutual funds, it brings me $5,181 profits. For this period of trade, the stock United States Steel Corporation (X) brings the most profits to me, I bought 5,000 shares of this stock at $8.55, and the last price is $15.12. The stock iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond (AGG) brings the least profits to me, the stock price is still $109.93, as same as it is, I didn’t make any profits on this stock yet. For the international equity, I spent 13.99% of my portfolio value about $156,871 on international equities. I bought 10,000 shares of Jinpan International Limited (JST) at $5.25, the last stock price is $5.85. I bought 100 shares of Sina Corporation (SINA) at $43.69, the last stock price is $48.11. I also bought 500 shares of Baidu Inc. (BIDU) at $175.7 as my new stock, the last stock price is $187.12, it brings me $5,710 profits. For Some other stocks I didn 't invest a lot, I am still wait and see these stock’s changes. Once these stock decreased, I am ready to cover the positions by using my 36.25% cash. For the S&P500,
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