My Position And Responsibilities Of The Long Term Care Community

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My current position and responsibilities in the long-term care community are the motivational factor behind my enrollment back into school. As I reflect throughout the course, I realize that I had the ability and potential to excel in a leadership role. In module 3, we participated in the MindTools leadership assessment where I scored a 74 of 90. I scored strong on self-confidence and motivating people to deliver the vision. The areas that I needed to work on are: being a good role model, managing performance effectively, and providing support and stimulation. I scored 8 of 10 on positive attitude and outlook, emotional intelligence and providing a compelling vision of the future. I expressed that I was a bit disappointed to see myself…show more content…
Although I enjoy the responsibility of working with sick residents and their dietary needs, I would like to pursue a leadership role in Healthcare Administration. In the near future, I plan to manage a healthcare facility in hospitals or long-term care. Pursuing a field in leadership is important to me. My passion in healthcare and customer service influence the reason behind my career choice. Additionally, the satisfaction of understanding that I can help a patient in many possible avenues tops the cake. The eight week course in applying leadership has provided myself and many others the tools and strategies to succeed as a leader. An effective leader is a combination of many characteristics and values. After taking the Myers-Briggs personality test, I am confident that I possess the ability to lead. My personality type is ISTP which indicates that I am an introvert who is realistic, attached, adaptable and ever-changing. According to this personality test, I have the tendency to think before acting, appreciate the private time to recharge and prefer a relationship (one-on-one) communication. Furthermore, I depend on my past experiences to deal with conflicts and situations. Additionally, I am sensitive to other’s needs and tackle on circumstances as it arises (Poirer, n.d.). Thus, the traits listed are positive characteristics of an effective leader. The Myers-Briggs personality assessment is a good indication of my ability to lead. As a
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