My Position At The Business Information Technology Club

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Executive Summary For the focus of my field study, I am using my position of president in the Business Information Technology Club. Depending on what time of year it is, the responsibilities can change. The responsibilities of the position for the fall semester include being the point of contact for employers who want to speak to members of the club, assuring that rooms are reserved for meetings, orchestrating other events for the club members’ participation, and making sure all the members of the club are informed of upcoming events.
Seek To Achieve Learning Goals 1 And 2 Goal 1 (Exaggeration): Over the past month, I have been in many situations in which I have had the chance to exaggerate. I was in situations where it would
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Some decide that it is not worth their time to take try and learn about a company and possibly increase their chances of getting a job.
I am realizing that as much as I would like to get more people to find worth in the club, it is a double edged sword. Questions such as, “How can I tell people are there for the right reasons?” are starting to come up. We are having a bus trip to Raleigh, North Carolina in November. There are a limited number of seats on the bus, so how do I determine the people who are really interested in going on the trip. The perfect example is, we had over thirty people sign up for the club at PamplinFest and over twenty at GobblerFest, yet our company night attendance is still around ten to fifteen. I am having more and more trouble trying to find the best way to motivate people to WANT to attend events.
Effort to Attain Learning Goals 3 And 4 Goal 3 (To not be the loudest person in the room): This is a goal my father is notorious for pointing out. I am beginning to realize when you are the loudest person in the room it tends to make other people in the room uncomfortable. I have found this problem is rather difficult to recognize on your own. It really helped when I realized that a friend of mine does this as well. When she gets upset or defensive, she raises her voice to close to a shouting level. This is very uncomfortable to me and I can look
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