My Position On The Health Care Field

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Everyone is unique; each person contributes each of their own ideas into society. People go through experiences that make them decide what career they want to pursue. I went through a life changing experience that changed where I was heading in my life. Additionally, this first semester of college has increased my awareness of health issues and how bridging cultures is a way to minimize mistakes in the health care field. In The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down includes mistakes that could have been prevented. The past experiences that I have been through, my values, and my heritage can improve the practice of health care delivery in America. It was just another day of high school soccer practice during spring break on a sunny April morning. But what happened during that particular practice, changed my life. My position on the team was a goalkeeper. On that day, our team was doing a drill of crossing the ball near the goalkeeper box for the forwards to score. One ball was crossed in where I had to come out by jumping and catch it, by attempting this I collided with my offensive teammate and landed awkwardly on my hand. After I took my glove off, I realized that my finger might have been dislocated. A teammate drove me to the doctor to find out that there were no fractures. I was told that this injury would take about three to four weeks to heal. My greatest concern was trying to regain my range of motion, so that I may go back to playing because it happened in the middle…
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