My Position On The Health Care Field

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Everyone is unique; each person contributes each of their own ideas into society. People go through experiences that make them decide what career they want to pursue. I went through a life changing experience that changed where I was heading in my life. Additionally, this first semester of college has increased my awareness of health issues and how bridging cultures is a way to minimize mistakes in the health care field. In The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down includes mistakes that could have been prevented. The past experiences that I have been through, my values, and my heritage can improve the practice of health care delivery in America. It was just another day of high school soccer practice during spring break on a sunny April…show more content…
Therefore, I went to see a hand therapist to recover sooner. Every time when I was left to do my finger exercises, I would observe the working environment the physical therapists were in. It was interesting to see how they used simple exercises to rehabilitate an individual. It became clear to me that with my passion of sports and the satisfaction of helping people, athletic training was the career I wanted to pursue. This is why this injury changed my pathway in life. The first semester of college gave me the opportunity to meet with different people. The University of Utah is very diverse, which is good. Since everyone is different, each person has different solutions to solve problems. But with benefits comes with complications. It could be challenging to work together if some individuals are from different cultures and have different values. In The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, Lia suffered the consequences of misunderstanding between her family and with their doctors. Part of the problem is the lack of understanding of health care by the family. According to one of the LEAP presentations, this is also true in Pacific Islanders that some believe there is a specific way to treat an illness, but then a doctor tells them another way that is medically correct. Which leads to Pacific Islander families disagreeing with the doctor because they thought that their remedies were true throughout their lives and came from previous generations. If people get
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