My Position on Eternal Life, Rabbi Maimonides

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Rabbi Maimonides, you take the position that it is not obvious that world is not eternal. I understand that you did comprehensive examination of the cognitive in approval of the world’s eternity. You came to the conclusion that it could not be disapproved or proven. I have come up with my own ideas and reasons to try to persuade that you could accept it. Even though it can't be proven that the world is eternal, the world could be eternal because Maimonides could accept that because he has no convincing or superseding reason to reject it. Maimonides you define God as the mere eternal thing and beforehand conception, he had 'existed' alone. Conception ex nihilo does not merely mean that something came from nothing but insists that God does not demand a physical cause in creation. And conception de novo does not mean that God exists in period and space and picks a particular moment to onset His creation. This think constitutes a drastic separation amid the Creator and His conception merely God is eternal and He alone is accountable for creation. If you say God is eternal than as long as God exists than the world will exists therefore making it eternal as well. Time itself is one of these creations or a mishap of conception it is not eternal. To say that God was existent beforehand conception implies that He continued in time. It is tough for us to envision something that was or is beyond of time. But as you Maimonides state, the fact that we cannot envision of something extant
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