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Your post brings up a great point. Sustainably relies on many factors. Location, expectations, available assets, and experiences all played a part in your experience in Iraq. Iraq was relatively new to us at that point. It was the initial push. Forecasting and planning were essential in sustaining the force, but very difficult to predict. Expectations versus reality is what we faced. Experience is what we needed. This whole operation was unknown territory. Our Army was encountering a situation we had not seen outside of training in quite a while. Supplies required was an estimated guess, but the biggest problem was most likely logistics. The location was Iraq, a harsh desert, hard on our equipment. The wear and tear was greater than expected requiring more parts than were locally available. We had the need without the way. Experiences and lessons learned can play a huge part in the planning process. Our Army has been at war now for fifteen years. We now have a better idea of supplies that will be required and about the effects of operating our equipment in desert environments. We can better prepare now for the problems that were encountered then. Units are more prepared, and more aware of what will be expected of them. This doesn’t mean it will be easy, but experience can help to reduce the stress of sustainment. This sounds like it definitely was a successful mission. I think part of the reason for this was because of the importance and visibility of the mission and the
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