My Practicum For Human Service 250

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Abstract Three of the eight objectives that I have utilized the most during my practicum for Human Service 250 is, how to demonstrate a helping relationship with a client, how to demonstrate time management techniques, and how to demonstrate professional attitudes with clients and agency personnel. During my practicum I have utilized the rest of the objectives for this class, which are, how to demonstrate interviewing skills, to describe agency policies and functions, to demonstrate knowledge of confidentiality and ethical issues, how to measure, collect and interpret information needed for service delivery, and how to identify personal strengths and weaknesses in the practicum experience. Hopefully, this paper will demonstrate the…show more content…
On Monday’s, we offer Marshall Arts, which is very new for me. But in order to teach, you must learn so I have been studying and learning the arts of what is called “Baguazhang” and “Tie-Chi” which are both forms of Marshall Arts, taught by Mr. Sam. I have worked with these children as they learn to be graceful in their every movement. They have also learned self-esteem, self-control, and manners through this class. After about a month of taking this class, I felt as if I were making a fool of myself. But then, one of the parents told me that her daughter is showing more self-esteem since I began taking the class! I asked her why she thought my being in the class has helped her daughter improve. She began to laugh and told me what her daughter had told her. Her daughter stated that if Ms. Ann can do it...I know I can do it too! This gave me a great feeling! I love being of help to children and it is worth making a fool of myself for. On Tuesday’s, we have Art class. Of course, this is my favorite because I know how to do art, and I love to paint. After about three weeks my supervisor, Ms. Lou Ann, tells me that the next week 's class is all mine to teach! I needed to plan an activity for the upcoming class and instruct it. I was actually both nervous and excited, because I knew she wanted to observe me while I observed the children. And so I made it happen! I had the children to do what is known as a “collage.” They were to cut
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